All about the Foliage

I have completed two of the four butterflies that I had planned to do. It has taken way longer than expected due to a holiday and just stuff getting in the way!

Here is the Peacock in flight and the Ringlet hanging off a grass stock. I am happy with how both of them have turned out.

The other two butterflies were the Orange Tip and the Painted Lady. The Orange Tip is just about there. It still needs a bit of work done on the bluebell and the Painted Lady is coming along. This butterfly really does need the foliage to give it context as the pose is a bit weird without it. I had hoped to get away without drawing in any foliage but that would have been just laziness. It is the way the butterfly is resting on the foliage that explains why it has one wing up and one wing coming out at the side. I chose this image for the challenge of perspective but there is still a bit of work to do before I am totally happy with it.

The main problem is that the foliage is a proving to be fiddly and I am having to use artistic licence to interpret the image. Right now I need to focus but that is easier said than done!