Three Butterflies, a Decision and an Experiment

I aim to complete a set of four butterflies and so far I have started three of them. These are a Peacock, an Orange Tip and a Ringlet.

As you can see from above the peacock is almost finished, the Orange Tip is now well underway and I have begun the initial sketching out of the Ringlet.

As for the fourth… well I am thinking of drawing a Painted Lady. It would be a shame not to draw one when there have been so many of them flying about.

I have taken many photographs of these butterflies but I have narrowed the selection down to these three images. There is a temptation to draw the first on the left.

Painted Lady images

This pose of looking straight at the eyes is a bit different from the rest which makes drawing the four butterflies as a set, more interesting! But… it does not show a lot of butterfly… so, I am not sure!

Had I not got involved in a debate on the use of drafting film as a surface on which to draw on, I would have made much more progress on the butterflies.

The reason I was interested in the drafting film was that I had seen some incredible art produced on this surface, to the point that I was inspired to go and purchase some. The intention was to give it a go after I had completed the butterflies.

However on Instagram, someone I followed posted comments explaining that she too had initially been impressed with drafting film as a surface on which to draw on… but, after trying it, decided it was not for her. Following her comments, my curiosity got the better of me and I took the decision that it was time to have a go.

Here is my progress so far… I have chosen a Water Buffalo as this was an image that I had identified as wanting to draw for sometime. It comes from a collection of images produced by Jason Morgan.

It has been interesting and I still have quite a bit of work to do, particularly on his horns and his ears as well as refining some of the detail around the face.

Water Buffalo Work in Progress

As far as using drafting film as a surface goes… to be honest I cannot make up my mind. There are plus points but there are also negative points!

Before coming to a final conclusion… I will finish drawing him and undertake a couple of other projects! But those projects will have to wait until after the butterflies have been completed!