To Capture a Butterfly

Drawing butterflies has been start…stop, start…stop.

Yet this summer has been quite a year for butterflies! There has been quite an invasion of Painted Ladies this year.

A series of three Painted Ladies photographed in the garden.

These butterflies have made it all the way from Africa! Quite amazing!

Over the last few years I have seen quite a few different butterflies. Here are my favorites.

Orange Tip, Peacock, Green-Veined White, Painted Lady, Small Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Ringlet and Fritillary

Therefore with this in mind, I really should compete a butterfly!

My first attempt was part of a watercolor pencil demonstration which I never finished and then I started a second drawing but was not happy with the paper I was using.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly watercolor pencil demonstration

My current attempt is this Peacock on Pastelmat and thankfully I am happy with the way this drawing is progressing.

Peacock butterfly work in progress

Here’s hoping I can finish it!