Tinkering with a Lion

Deciding when a drawing is finished can be a difficult judgement call!

I am undecided if the drawing below should be considered finished!

Looking at both the drawing on the paper and then the photograph of the drawing I can identify areas where I could do a bit more work to… but if I did do that… would it add any value to the drawing?

One area I am thinking of is the forehead on the left hand side but another part of me says that if you add too much graphite then there is a danger of making the whole piece look too grey!

Another area is his white beard… I feel that it is too white but again my fear is if I add too much graphite… it will then be too grey!

This was very much a practice piece where the purpose was to identify how well the water soluble graphite in the form of graphitone and sketching pencils worked with other materials including the paper surface which was Arches hot pressed watercolor paper.

I do like using the pencils but there is no doubt that to get the best out of the pencils you do have to carefully control how much water you add.

While I decide if this is finished, I will get on with other projects such as continuing with butterflies. In the UK this was quite a year for butterflies particularly Painted Ladies.