World Lion Day was Saturday 10th August 2019

“World Lion Day supports and promotes charities and foundations that instill awareness of the great need for conservation efforts and sustainable solutions for addressing the global dwindling world lion population”

To acknowledge World Lion Day I decided to post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the following image:-

I chose this early graphite sketch as it best reflected how I feel about the lack of a ban on Lion Trophy hunting imports both here in the UK and internationally. As part of the post I raised awareness of the “ petition Ban lion trophy hunting into the UK” hoping people would go and add their signature to that cause. Since then I have discovered that there is also a similar petition in the US on “Keep The Ban on Importing Elephant and Lion Trophies“. Hopefully these petitions will be successful!

For more information why not visit the World Lion Day website .

Lions are my favorite Big Cat and despite having completed a few lion drawings… I decided to undertake another drawing but this time in graphite. I had previously done this chap in color and will at some point redo a version in color as since that last drawing I have adopted new techniques and my drawing skills have improved.

A work in progress of a graphite male lion
A work in progress of a graphite male lion

In addition to it being World Lion Day on the 10th, it was also World Elephant Day on the 12th August. I have only ever done a very rough elephant sketch as you can see below!

Elephant on smooth card: Source image in “Animals” by Lucy Swinburne

Elephants are tricky to draw but I think I am now ready for another go. When I will get the time… I have no idea!