Fox Project Complete for Now

I have now completed for the time being my fox project.

It started with noticing a number of foxes living in the woodland at the back of the garden. From there some photographs were taken.

Collage of nine images showing local foxes
Local foxes

These were a bit shaky as I was only using a small compact camera.

Not put off… I decided to sketch some of the images using charcoal.

Collage of four images showing different members of a fox family.
Different members of a fox family.

From there I have selected two from which to create colour drawings. For the third drawing of the Dog fox, which is shown below in the centre, I decided to just use the colour image as reference. The reference can be seen in the centre of the collage of nine images at the top. You will see in that photograph he is pictured with a cub. Maybe I should have drawn father and cub… but no matter that can wait for another time.

collage of three drawings of foxes. The dog fox in the middle, a cub on the left and the vixen on the right.
Meet the Fox family.

For now the drawing of foxes will be put to one side. I have really enjoyed photographing and drawing the fox family but my attention is turning to other subjects and different techniques.

One subject I would like to have another go at is butterflies but this time using pastels rather than colour pencils. Then there is also a desire to do more work with charcoal as I really enjoy using it. Oh decisions, decisions….