North West Coast Inspiration

Recently, I completed another trip in the Campervan up to the North West Coast of Scotland. The area explored was from Tayvallich in Argyle to Mallaig, North of Fort William. An area of beautiful coastlines and stunning hillsides and Lochs.

Nine images of the North West Coast of scotland
The image in the top centre shows the boats at Mallaig Harbour. Mallaig is situated at the end of the West Highland Railway and the end of the road that is often described as the ‘Road to the Isles’. From here you can get a ferry over to the West Coast Islands.
The image in the very centre describes the first thing that residents used to do on their return to the Isle of Seil where there is now a bridge. This bridge is often described as ‘The Bridge over the Atlantic’ as the sea completely surrounds this area of land. Growing on the bridge is the rare, but very pretty Fairy Foxglove.
The other images above show views around the coastline… with the two top corner shots taken from the far side of the isle while along the bottom are the rocks at Arisaig near Mallaig, a boat anchored off Crinan and a campsite at Oban.
Nine images taken in the Taynish Nature Reserve and on the Crinan Canal
Above are views from within Taynish National Nature Reserve and around the Crinan Canal, Argyle, Scotland
A collage showing nine different images representative of the colours and textures found on walks up the North West Coast
Different colours and textures are shown above that were encountered on walks up the North West Coast including the deep pink of Foxgloves, the wispy white strands of cotton grass, the browns, greens and greys of the fungi, lichens, moss bark and leaves of the trees. Also, not forgetting the delicate pink of the orchid and the white of what I think is a type of wild rose.
Nine images showing the residents of the North west
The collage above shows the residents of the North West that were prepared to stay still long enough to get their photograph taken. A White Butterfly, Cows, an Earwig, Red Deer, Toad and evidence of the shellfish of the coast …Cockle and Periwinkle.
The Ringed Plover was a sad story as despite the best efforts to alert visitors to the area of the presence of eggs, the birds still abandoned their nest.
Nine images illustrating the thought provoking art in the Taynish Nature Reserve and the interesting art of Fraser MacIvor along with his canal side residence.
Thought provoking art on display in the Taynish Nature Reserve as well as the interesting canal side residence of Fraser MacIvor.

Sadly, all too soon it comes to an end and you have no choice but to come back to “normal”.

Sunset looking over between the isle of Rhum and Skye
Sunset looking over between the isle of Rhum and Skye