On Track… sort of!

From trying to work on six projects at once, I am now down to a more manageable three.

Portrait of a Fox

The fox is now complete but the butterfly will, unfortunately, have to stay as a demonstration piece.    While explaining to others what to do and what not to do with regard to the use of watercolour pencils, I have shown too many examples of what not to do. I now think it would be difficult to retrieve the piece.

But, all is not lost as using the experience I will then go on at some point to do the butterfly again. It will be part of a series of drawings and I have references that are my own. It is always satisfying to use your own references. The artwork is then truly yours.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

The Wolf is virtually complete but  I am struggling to decide when I should call it finished. Every time I stand back and take a look… something catches my eye that could do with further work. If I am not careful I am going to overwork this piece. That would be unfortunate as I am really pleased with how it looks, particularly as it was a challenge to use only a limited number of pencils. Five watercolour pencils were used along with a Derwent Chinese white pencil for the fur while the eyes were completed using two polychromous oil based pencils.

Snoozing Wolf completed in Watercolor pencils

Watercolour pencils I feel should offer more possibilities but I guess the problem is that it takes time to get to know them… something that can be a struggle to find.

With the butterfly being put to one side to be redone at a later date, the Hare and the Squirrel have had more work done on them than was expected. Both should be completed within the next week.

There has been no further progress on the Orangutan.

Family Portrait of an Orangutan and Baby
Family Portrait of an Orangutan and Baby

After the completion of the Squirrel and the Hare, I really need to crack on with this piece therefore until then it’s no more new projects.