More than just Lions

It was interesting drawing this male lion with the scars across his nose and the droopy eye suggesting that he had experienced an eventful life.

Lion Progress

Did he get the scars fighting off rivals as he defended his position as leader of the pride?

Was he successful?

Or was he defeated by a younger, stronger lion that took his place?

I had quite a task in drawing him!

It was a time-consuming project filling the entire sheet of pastel mat!

But I enjoyed it!

Looking back at my drawings it seems that all I have done is draw lions.


I do like lions. Unlike a lot of cats, they are sociable living in groups and are fascinating for it. But  I like other big cats too! They too have their own distinguishing features.

It’s just that I have not drawn them yet. Quite why that is, I am not sure!

Anyway, it is time to rectify that.

After searching for suitable source material, I have come up with some sketches of potential subjects.

charcoal sketches of a tiger, lioness, cheetah and leopard
charcoal sketches of a tiger, lioness, cheetah, and leopard

As I already have a good reference image for a lioness, it seems a shame not to draw her in color. And, I also fancy the challenge.

After that, I will draw the cheetah as the reference image is a good one showing good clear detail. Her expression is brilliant as she is clearly on a mission!

As for the Leopard and the tiger, the reference images were not the best. I will keep looking for the right source images and once identified and the necessary permissions obtained I will attempt to draw them too.

In the meantime here is the first work in progress for the lioness.

lioness work in progress
lioness work in progress