The Complete Wolf

I have really enjoyed doing this wolf. The drawing was an interpretation of an image supplied by Wildlife Reference Photos. It was completed using pan pastel and color pencil on pastel mat paper.

Portrait of Wolf
Portrait of Wolf

I really liked the way the Caran d’ Ache Pablo color pencils and the pan pastels blended together in the creation of this piece.

In my view, all pencils can have a part to play.  Each brand has different properties and offers something different. It is up to you to get to know how your materials work.



Here are some of the work in progress shots for the wolf portrait.

wolf construction

As it was still the holidays, it was a nice change to be able to do just a little bit of drawing at a time and not feel pressurized to finish it within a given timescale.

Mind you, I did not have much choice as at this time of year the light levels make it nearly impossible to do any serious drawing after about 4pm in the afternoon.

However, on the plus side, it does leave plenty of time to study the reference image carefully to make sure you are capturing the details correctly.

But now the shortest day has passed and with each passing day, the available light is slowly increasing.

Comparing this wolf with the arty wolf below is difficult. I have no preference as they are both different. In the above project, the combination of pan pastel and color pencil was really good. But in the arty wolf, the inks do have a vibrancy that is worth exploring further and I will do that.

Portrait of a Wolf using Windsor and Newton inks
Portrait of a Wolf using Windsor and Newton inks

In the meantime, most of my work will continue to be done in pencil and pan pastel.

Having now completed my Wolf… what next?

Big cats, I think!