Work in progress a Watercolour Donkey and an Orange Lion

Now being in a position with no commitments, it is time to press on with two projects that use different underpainting techniques.

First up was the watercolour donkey. Having started it by using the watercolour pencils dry I then plucked up the courage to apply the water and was pleased with the results. A bit splodgy in places but it did sink the pigment into the tooth of the paper.  In some places, I was a bit timid but in other places a bit too bold. I definitely splodged a bit too much between the Donkey’s nostrils!

I then swithered whether to continue using the watercolour pencils dry to add the detail on top or to use the oil-based Polychromous pencils. In the end, I chose Polychromous pencils.

As I progressed, I was pleased with the depth of colour in the Donkey’s fur. My conclusion is that there is definite potential in using watercolour pencils for this type of artwork. I will definitely be using this technique again.

Donkey Progress

Reference image for Donkey and guidance on technique came from Lisa Ann Watkins Art by Law Patreon channel.

The Lion underpainting was done using pan pastels but drawing him on a sienna coloured surface reminded me of the colouration of a tiger. Unfortunately, the Sienna coloured paper was what I had.

Initially, I had to contend with comments that I was drawing a “liger”. Through the perseverance with colour pencils, he is thankfully evolving into more of a lion than a tiger.

At this stage, for the underpainting, my preference is to use the watercolour pencils and reserve the pan pastels for backgrounds and other textures such as the wooden fence rail in the Donkey piece.

Lion Progress

The lion image came from a collection of images from Jason Morgan.

Both pieces still require a bit of work before they could be regarded as finished. The Donkey is a nose short of completion and the Lion still requires a lot of layers!

Therefore lots to do!