Finish, continue, plan and start

Finish, continue, plan and start seems to be the cycle that I constantly go through.

Having finished the squirrel sketch in charcoal and with a bit more time I continued with another garden bird for my bird gallery. This was the Great Tit, a frequent visitor to gardens in the UK. He is, for the time being, the last in a series of small garden birds as the next birds on my list to draw will be water birds. Not yet decided which one to start with. It might be a duck or maybe a coot. But that is for the future.


In the meantime, I still have a portrait of a Lion to finish.  Unfortunately, he was put to one side due to other work commitments. Although with three days off over the last weekend I did snatch some quality time to add in some more facial details.

There are still eleven days to go before my current work contract finishes and although at the moment that seems like a long time… I know it will fly by!

With only two days off next weekend and with lots of household chores to catch up on, quality time will be limited. It is unlikely that I will have any time to continue with the lion. Alternatively, what I could do… is to plan for my next project.

A project that I have decided to do is one that involves the use of watercolour pencils. I came across a tutorial showing you how to use them as part of the base layer for doing a portrait of a donkey. He was such a comical character that I decided he would be fun to do.  Watercolour pencils are something that up until now I have only played about with.

Generally, you start off using them dry and then the fun part comes when you add the water. This could go wrong! A lot of practice will be required!

Therefore, the best way to use my next two days off … will be to play!