When time is limited!

There are occasions when drawing time is compromised by other commitments. Like the need to top up your income with additional work.  Then it can be difficult to find quality time for drawing, particularly when you arrive home too tired to think about anything in detail.

I do not like to abandon drawing completely.

There are always lunch breaks where I can steal a bit of time and at night I find simple sketches can help me unwind.  For these occasions, I plan ahead and sketch outlines of familiar animals onto sheets of A5 white bristol board. As the subjects are familiar, I don’t need a detailed reference image but if for some reason details need to be checked, then there are copies of the reference images stored on my phone.

Although the Bristol board is smooth and lacks the tooth to hold the charcoal allowing it to smudge easily, it nevertheless allows you to practice drawing the animal shape and redrawing it if necessary. A paper stump can also be used to smooth out the harsh lines.

These are drawings I have done in the past when there was only a limited amount of time.


In addition to the line drawings the only other equipment I require to have are charcoal pencils, preferably two black and two white (taking two of each allows you to leave your sharpener at home),  a kneadable eraser (to lighten areas where required), a Tombo eraser (creates white lines if required), paper stumps for blending and a soft brush to remove any debris.

The line drawings I prepared at the weekend were a squirrel, a hare and a fox.  All the equipment is carried about in a reusable plastic bag.  Since the weekend I have managed to finish the fox and the hare. I will start the squirrel tomorrow. That should be completed by the weekend where I will have three days to plan what I can achieve in the following week.