Pug Progress

Following on from last week’s blog, I  have made good progress with drawing the pug next door. I have completed the graphite pencil drawing where I also used a black pencil to emphasise the blacks. In my view, the graphite pencils are not black enough and what you end up with is an image that is a bit washed out. Adding the black gives the drawing a bit of depth.

The graphite drawing was done on A3 smooth white Bristol board and in my view, he looks a bit philosophical.

The second drawing of a pug was done in colour pencil and was drawn on A4 using Strathmore Bristol vellum surface. Looking straight at you, he has the typical inquisitive pug look. I like both of them and it will be interesting to see what his owner’s thoughts are.

But, first I have the pug in pastel to finish along with a couple of other projects. It is going to be a busy week!