Introducing Enzo the Pug next door

It is fair to say he is not the most dynamic of dogs even for a pug. He tends to shuffle more often than he walks and the only time he exhibits a spurt of energy is when a whiff of a foxes scent wafts into the garden.  It is then a quick dart to the back of the garden with a few woofs proclaiming that this is his territory. His bark, it has to be said is not the most convincing! The foxes completely ignore it! But having said all that he still oozes character that is worthy of a drawing or two.

Having raised with his owners my desire to draw him they were happy for me to photograph him. The challenge was then to get him to pose. Pugs have an amazing amount of detail around the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Unfortunately, he was not the most willing of models and the harsh sunlight did not help.

Eventually, after a lot of coaxing, we got him to stand, sit and even look at the camera. A reasonable number of images were taken which I hoped would contain some usable shots particularly with enough detail around the eyes… fingers crossed!

BeFunky-collage (1)

After uploading the shots onto the computer nine were selected as having enough potential to allow me to accurately represent his character on paper. The next decision was to select a pose. Should I draw him looking right, straight at the camera or looking up. Each had its own particular attraction. Then I had to decide on how to draw him… would it be graphite, would it be colour pencil or would it be pastel?

I have decided to do three drawings of him using each of the methods described above. They are all works in progress.

pug strip

The challenge for this weekend is to complete the colour pencil and pastel pieces. The graphite one I know will take a bit longer.